A shift in the architecture industry’s focus in the last 20 years toward energy performance, life-cycle costs, and user comfort has coincided with significant new developments in building envelope design. These have been enabled by building management systems and controls, advanced HVAC, lighting,  and shading systems, new types of glass and glazings coupled with advanced computational fluid dynamics simulation and cloud computing. These developments have afforded architects and engineers opportunities to create innovative facade designs that respond directly and automatically to the environment around them, and in some cases have become landmarks for their cities.

In Kinetic Architecture: Designs for Active Envelopes authors Russell Fortmeyer and Charles D. Linn trace the historical development of active facades in modern architecture, and discuss the ways contemporary architects and consultants design them.ᅠThe book specifically focuses on façades with dynamic components, such as active shading devices and hydronic systems, which form an emerging and significant new development in architecture. 

Kinetic Architecture's essays weave together the historical roots of these very special façades, informed by the authors' unique theoretical insight. This original thinking is buttressed by detailed case studies of the façade technology and design expertise figuring in 24 buildings from around the globe, including many important structures whose envelopes have never been documented before. They're are explained by thoroughly researched commentary, complete with diagrams, plans and wall sections, and full color photographs. Each case study is complete with vital statistics such as weather data and climate type, lists of designers and consultants, and green building ratings. 

This book is an essential resource for architects, engineers, students, and researchers seeking an in-depth study of how architectural façades dynamically respond to interior and exterior conditions in a manner that saves energy, without sacrificing human comfort.


Kinetic Architecture: Designs for Active Envelopes is published by the Images Publishing Group© The Images Publishing Group Pty Ltd  2014    ISBN 9781864704952 

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